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Team Parent

Team Parents


The AYSO volunteer position of team parent is intended to carry out duties as directed by both the team parent coordinator and the head coach, to maintain regular communication with the head coach, and to distribute information to the parents of the team.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support Coach: Emails & Phone Calls
  • Weekly Field Setup/Cleanup
  • Pickup/Distribute Uniforms
  • Fundraiser Events
  • Picture Day/Distribute Pictures
  • Jamboree/Tournament Organization
  • Help Maintain Team Site
  • Manage Snack Schedule

Qualifications and Desired Skills:

  • Be Organized
  • Be Dependable
  • Be A Good Communicator
  • Provide A Safe*, Fun, and Fair Environment
  • Have Regular Internet Access – Email communication is required

Team Parent Coordinator

Team Parent Coordinator:
Position Open
[email protected]


All Team Parent training is done via email.


Training and Certification:

1. If you haven’t yet, go toSports Connectand register as a volunteer referee. It will have you complete a background check through Sterling Volunteers (which is free, and WAY easier than it sounds) and will receive the email once your volunteer registration is completed. If you do not get this email please send a note to [email protected], and check your spam or junk email.
2. Log into Sports Connect, access may take up to 24 hours from completion of your volunteer registration.

To complete the Safe Haven and CDC Concussion trainings, you can follow these steps:

1. Click on Volunteer, on the left hand side.
2. Click on gray AYSOU button below your name on the My Roles & Certificates page. This will take you to EtrainU.
3. Log into your Training Library 
4. Click on View Courses for Safe Haven in the Course Categories.
5. Click on Enroll for the AYSO’s Safe Haven – Online and CDC Concussion Awareness – Online trainings respectively.
6. Once your are enrolled, you may Start and take the courses and complete the exams.  Note:  if you stop and come back, you will find this course in your My Training folder in ETrainU where you can View what you have and have not completed for this course.

To Complete the Safe Sport training, you can follow these steps:

Note:  Safe Sport training is required for all adult volunteers, but NOT required for youth volunteers
1. Log into your Volunteer area as in Steps 1-3 of the Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Training.
2. Click on SafeSport box.
3. Click on Renew and Update.
4. A screen will pop up where you will click on the “click HERE” link or copy and paste the URL into your browser to begin training. You may need to create a new account on the site in order to gain access.
5. Once you have completed the training you need to download and save your certificate so that you can upload it to your AYSO volunteer page.
6. To upload, complete Steps 1-4 again to produce the pop up, and click Upload.

  1. Upon completion of the above courses, please send an email to our Team Parent Coordinator so they can verify your training and let you know if there are any additional training opportunities available.

To maintain the recommended adult to child supervision ratio of 1:8 or less; that is one adult for every eight or fewer children and two adults (one of whom may be the coach and one of whom should be of the same gender as the group) present at all times.  For the protection of both the children and the volunteer, no volunteer should permit himself or herself to be alone with any child or group of children (except his or her own) during AYSO-sponsored activities.

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